Dear Parents,

Please see the Monthly Engagement Report in your child’s school email inbox. The purpose of the report is to inform you of your child’s engagement with remote learning during the COVID pandemic. Normal Performance Reports will be issued according to the academic calendar of the school.

Please do acknowledge the report by filling this Google Form (or use this link: You must use your child’s email id to access the form. Your response is compulsory and will count towards parent engagement in the Performance Report.

Minhaj Arastu,

1 June 2020

Orientation Letter for AY 2020-21

For NKB, DS, & PH Campuses

Dear Parents,

We hope that you are all keeping well during these difficult times. Our aim is to ensure that learning continues even when school is not physically open. We will not simply copy the routine teaching methods or the normal school timetable. Students should be able to independently learn with the direction of the teacher and support of the parents. Please note carefully the details for remote learning, parent orientation, study materials, and tuition fees for academic year 2020-21. Details of uniforms and transport will be sent later. This letter applies to all 3 campuses, including the new one at Purani Haveli.

Communication through Class Teacher:
  • Class teachers will call parents individually. Kindly save her number for future
  • The class teacher will create a What’s App broadcast group for quick communication and announcements.
  • Please note that parents MUST NOT call the class teacher directly on her phone. Rather, use text or voice message if required and she will respond to
  • Messages must be sent between 9:00 AM and 5:00
  • Please DO NOT add the class teacher to any unrelated groups and do not send
  • As a school we also commit to respecting the privacy and reasonable timings of parents and
Readiness survey & Face to Face Orientation:
  • We will send a survey to understand parents’ readiness for remote learning. We will ask about internet connection, number and type of devices at home, number of individuals relying on the device,
  • The survey will be a Google Form sent through Google Classroom and What’s App. Please respond to the survey by 5
  • We will call a small number of parents for face to face orientation from 8-12 June, only if they face challenges with regard to remote
Platform for remote learning:
School Gmail IDs of students have been sent through SMS. Kindly ensure that the email ID is activated as it is essential for remote teaching and other online
  • Classes will be conducted through Toddle platform, Google Classroom, or What’s App, depending on the campus.
  • Zoom, Google Meet, Flipgrid, and Youtube will also be used, but integrated with the above
  • All assignments for the day will be posted by teachers no later than 9:00
  • We will send details of live classes when needed. Do ensure that your child is logged in 5 minutes prior to the scheduled
Remote learning:
  • The timetable for remote learning will be issued by 12 June; students will be required to spend 2-5 hours per day, depending on their
  • Remote teaching for this academic year will begin from 15 June Assessment and attendance:
  • Remote learning is important and will be assessed
  • Attendance will be marked based presence in live lessons and on the completion of all tasks assigned for that day (e.g. 3 assignments submitted = “present”).
Study Materials

Please see the Study Materials list enclosed with this letter. Your child will need one subject notebook for each subject during remote learning.

Tuition Fees

Please see the School Fees enclosed with this letter. NKB & DS fees remain as they were in AY 2019-20,  with no increase.

Contact details

Please visit for updates and important policies:


Noor Khan Bazar Campus Darushifa Campus Purani Haveli Campus
Offices open M-F 9:00-3:00 Offices open M-F 9:00-3:00 Offices open M-F 9:00-3:00
Temporary office is located at Noor Khan Bazar cellar

24565070, 9390605070

Accounts: 7330666017


24404060, 7207035060

Accounts: 7207015060


24565070, 9390605070

Accounts: 7330666017


Best regards,

Minhaj Arastu,