Weekly lesson report (No.): 10                  Date: 12-8-19 to 16-8-19 Class: PP 2 A                                               


Subject: Learner Profile   : The learner profiles that we focused on are inquirer and thinker as we inquired into  the third line of inquiry-.The students inquired about the different ways to take care of sense organs. They also inquired about how the sense organs get damaged if not taken care of .   

Subject: Unit Of Inquiry



Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are

Central idea: We use our senses to learn about ourselves and our environment.


        The senses we have and their use.


  • Our likes and dislikes.
  • How we can take care of our senses.



Activities done this week: 

Field trip to NTR gardens

The students had gone for a field trip to NTR gardens.

They used their 5 sense organs to learn about their surroundings.

They observed the various things they saw using the sense of sight, various sounds they heard using the sense of hearing , various tastes they tasted using the sense of taste, various smells and various textures using the sense of touch and feel.

They then drew their observations in a worksheet activity.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week:

Length measurement hands on activity

Students used measuring cube scale ( teaching aid of non standarad unit of measurement) to measure various objects and compare their length. 


Subject: English

Activities done this week:  

Reading simple phrases activity

Students read and wrote simple phrases using only ‘e’ and ‘a’ vowel cvc words along with a, the ,in, on etc. The teacher  read the phrases ,then the students read together and then they read individually as peer reading. Followed by writing the phrases in the notebooks.


Upcoming activities/ HW: Read the phrases given in the notebook