Class 7A Class teacher. Saba Fatima Date: Mon 26Aug – Fri  30 Aug 2019
Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
  • Reading Circle Time Activity: Mock presentation conducted. Feedback given to the students. The students need to incorporate the feedback and prepare for the final assessment.
  • Assessment criteria explained and discussed. 
  • Spell Bee round 1 conducted.
Assessment: Final Presentation of the Reading Circle activity.
Urdu طلباء نے عصمت چغتائی کا افسانہ”گپ بازی کی سزا” پڑھا اور زبان شناسی میں فعل ماضی مطلق،ماضی قریب، ماضی بعید،ماضی استمرای، ماضی شکیہ اور ماضی شرطیہ کی تدریس و تفہیم کی گئی۔ طلباء سے مذکورہ قواعد کی مشق کروائی جائے گی۔طلباء سر سید احمد خان کا افسانہ”گزرا ہوا زمانہ”پڑھیں گے۔ املا یا پھر جملے سازی کی مشق بھی کروائی جائے گی۔
Hindi पीली टेकसी कविता लिखाया गया|

 FA-2   पुस्तक पठन प्रतिवेदन कराया 

उसी प्रकार की कविता अपने शहर या समुदाय पर लिखने को कहा गया|
Telugu Telugu language day practice & unit – 1 reflection.  Learn unit – 1
Math Google classroom assignments.

Percentages in progress.

FA 2 Project work.

Ms Neha

Ch. What does a wave tell us?:

  • Demonstrations on different types of waves.
  • Characteristics of a wave- wavelength, amplitude and frequency.
  • Seismic waves and seismograph.
  • Projects assigned.
Continuation of the chapter.

Light- Types of images and pinhole camera.

Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Sultana

  • Introduction of new topic – Energy from the Sun.
  • Activity 1: Write a reflection on the topic : energy from the Sun.
  • Activity 2: Make 10 fill in the blanks.
  • Assessment was conducted in the topics: 1.Movements of Earth  

2. Energy from the Sun.

  • Find out the advantages and disadvantages of greenhouse effects.
  • Introduction of new unit: Hydrosphere
Physical & Health Education

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader

No Classes have been conducted by PE staff.
Due to tournaments of (Football, Cricket), 2019-20 is scheduled this week.
India on August 29, observed the National Sports Day mark the birth anniversary of the legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand who was born on August 29, 1905.
A small Quiz is hosted on Google Classroom 
Arts [VA]


Making and decorating stars 

And making greeting cards

Presentation of the plays with gestures, expressions, voice modulation, fluency.


Students to start preparing for summative assessments.

ICT Designing charts from an excel data sheet  in MS Excel Designing charts in MS Excel



Class: C7A Class Teacher: Ms Saba Fatima Date: Mon 05 Aug – Fri 09 Aug 2019
Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
English Reading Circle Time activity

This is an activity in which the students read a given article and then perform different activities based on the role they choose. It is a group activity. The different roles to choose from are:

Word wizard, Summarizer, Literary Luminary and Questioner.  

Reading is followed up with a group discussion.

Assessment: Group Presentation.

The students have to prepare for the presentation. Let your child practice speaking in front of the mirror. 

Urdu   امجد حیدرآبادی کی رباعیات مع تشریح کی تدریس و تفہیم کی گئی۔نیز گوگل کلاس روم میں ایک سبق آموز کہانی”کسان اوراس کے کاہل بیٹے” ارسال کی گئی۔طلبا نے جملے سازی کا کام بھی انجام دیا۔  گوگل کلاس روم میں ایک سبق آموز کہانی ارسال کی گئی ہے۔ طلبا اسے دیکھنے کے بعد اس کے بارے میں چند جملے تحریر کریں۔
Hindi *  कुछ समुदाय पर वाक्य दिए गए है उस पर निबन्ध लिखाया गया |

*   रिक्त स्थानो की पूर्ति कीजिए| लिखाया गया| 

दिए गए चित्र से इन शब्दों का मिलान करें
Telugu Grammar ( parts of speech, synonyms, own sentence form ) Family related poem.
Math 10 Exercises completed on Decimals. Worksheets


Science Acids, bases and salts.

End of unit reflection.

Prepare for the end of unit assessment in ‘How do we map matter?’
Social Studies Movements of earth:

Activity: Write a reflection on the topic changes in seasons.

Activity: Make questions for knowing more about the topic.

Assessment will be conducted in the topic movements of earth.
Phy Edu

The presentations of the 2nd script “The Never Never Nest”  continues. Children to practise reading. 


To practise reading at home. 

Understanding the context of the same. 

ICT Implementation of Scratch programming  for Google CS First project -Animate a name No HW



Class: C7A Class Teacher: Ms Saba Fatima Date: Mon 29 July – Fri 02 Aug 2019
Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
English Paired conversation (oral and written) on the topic: Which is your favourite advertisement and why?

Revision of types of sentences, conversation and framing of questions

Completion of FA1 work

FA1 correction feedback

Reading circle based on ‘Types of Advertisements’ – students will frame questions; learn new vocabulary; discuss & summarize main ideas

Assessment: Group presentations

Urdu         طلبا نے اسباق پڑھے ،املا اور لکھنے کی مشق کی۔لفظیات میں سابقہ و لاحقہ  کی تدریس و تفہیم کی گئی۔ 
Hindi समुदाय पर कुछ वाक्य दिए गये है उनकी सहयता से निबंध लिखिए

कुछ चित्र दिये गए है चित्र की सहायता से आप वो क्या स्थान   है बताइए |


शब्दो का चयन करके वाक्य पूरा कीजिए |
Telugu Types of Families, family tree and family finger activity.

See the videos do the task.

Math FA1 tasks completed

Introduction to decimals 

Conversion of fractions to decimals – exercise

Problems on decimals involving all fundamental operations

Activity on decimals using bills and wrappers

Science Reactivity of metals. Prepare for end of unit assessment.
Social Studies Topic – Earth Movement and Seasons; longitudes and latitudes

Activity: Drawing latitudes and longitudes

Watching video related to latitudes and longitudes

Activity: Video reflection

Activity: Finding out the hottest and the coldest countries of the world using a globe

Phy Edu MYP Unit 1 – Completed with Assessment.

Introduction of MYP Unit 2

Schools Games Federation Preparation
Arts [PA/VA] Making newspapers basket 

2nd script given to children.


To read at home with voice modulation and gestures.

ICT Google CS1 Project : Characterization NO HW


Class: C7A Class Teacher: Ms Saba Fatima Date: Mon 22- Fri 26 July 2019
Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
English Framing questions to take an interview to understand if people are influenced by ads to buy a product or not.   No HW
Urdu ایف اے ون میں منصوبہ کام ، سلپ ٹسٹ کا اختتام۔

طلبا نے سبق خوانی کی جملے بنائیے اور اپنے الفاظ میں مختصر کہانی تحریر کی ۔

Hindi प्रमुख शब्द अँग्रेज़ी से हिन्दी मे लिखाया गया.

लघु परीक्षा लिया गया.

आप के समुदाय मे किस प्रकार के व्यक्तियों की ज़रूरत है लिखिए.
Telugu FA1 reflection, project & slip test Will be learn key words unit 1 
Math Fractions (+ – × ÷ ), Word problems of fraction, slip test.
Science FA1 Slip test conducted.

Project presentations on chemical reactions in daily life. 

Reactivity of metals.

(Refer to the PDF textbook shared).

Social Studies Unit 1-  Earth

Completion of FA1 project.

FA1 quiz conducted

Phy Edu Physical Assessment & IB Unit 1 end Assessment .
Arts [PA/VA] Learning how to fold newspapers stick/ Reading the Script “Thank You Ma’am’ using the strategy of Reader’s Theatre’ and writing the story board.  No Hw
ICT Microsoft Excel – Creating a table in excel and using AutoSum feature.