Class: C7B Class Teacher: Mr Shujath

Google Classroom Code: s7xljwa

Date: Mon 29 July – Fri 02 Aug 2019

Weekly Lesson Report # 02

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
English Paired conversation (oral and written) on the topic: Which is your favourite advertisement and why?

Reading circle material given to students

Completion of FA1 work

FA1 correction feedback

Reading circle based on ‘Types of Advertisements’ – students will frame questions; learn new vocabulary; discuss & summarize main ideas

Assessment: Group presentations

Urdu       طلبا نے اسباق پڑھے ،املا اور لکھنے کی مشق کی۔لفظیات میں سابقہ و لاحقہ  کی تدریس و تفہیم کی گئی۔ 
Hindi समुदाय पर कुछ वाक्य दिए गये है उनकी सहयता से निबंध लिखिए

कुछ चित्र दिये गए है चित्र की सहायता से आप वो क्या  स्थान है बताइए |  

शब्दो का चयन करके वाक्य पूरा कीजिए |
Telugu Types of Families, family tree and family finger activity.

See the videos do the task.

Math FA1 tasks completed

Introduction to decimals 

Conversion of fractions to decimals – exercise

Problems on decimals involving all fundamental operations

Activity on decimals using bills and wrappers

Science Reactivity of metals. Prepare for end of unit assessment.
Social Studies Unit 1: Earth – Topic: Movement and Seasons; longitudes and latitudes

Activity: Draw the of seasons of the earth

Activity: Drawing latitudes and longitudes

Activity: Finding out the hottest and the coldest countries of the world using a globe

Watching video related to latitudes and longitudes

Activity: Video reflection

Assessment: Quiz on Movements of Earth

Phy Edu MYP Unit 1 – Completed with Assessment.

Introduction of MYP Unit 2

Schools Games Federation Preparation
Arts [PA/VA] Making newspapers basket .

2nd script given to children


To read at home with voice modulation and gestures.

ICT Google CS1 Project : Characterization NO HW