Weekly lesson report (No.): 17       Date:21 – 25 October   Class:5C                                   


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week: The learner profile which was followed this week on their ongoing topic Energy’ was Thinker. Thinkers exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems and make reasoned ethical decisions.


Upcoming activities / HW: The learner profile which will be followed next week is Inquirer. Students will develop their natural curiosity. They will acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning. They will actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry


Central idea:  Finding peaceful solutions to conflict leads to a better quality of human life 


Lines of inquiry: 

  • Causes of conflict 
  • Conflict resolution and management 
  • Living and working together peacefully 


Activities done this week:

  • Students solved the Puzzle activity. They tried finding solutions to the conflict created while judging the winning team. Read aloud was done for the book ‘Be Kind’
  • Students understood Peace and what it means to be kind. They filled a template of Umbrellas to show what kindness means to them.
  • Students watched a video on the Quit India movement and a War Scene. They entered their understanding of how Peace and Conflict Feel, look and sounds in a Y-Chart.
  • Students were given insight into Kindness Project and Peace Project. 
  • Students connected the lines of inquiry with the Central Idea and Key Concepts.


Upcoming activities/ HW:  Choose a Peace Project that you wish to work and design a plan.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week:


  • Students did a peer correction of their holiday practice sheet.
  • Students were introduced to new topic Quadrilaterals.
  • Students were differentiated different quadrilaterals by their properties.
  • They were able to identify the Quadrilaterals and write the property by their own understanding.
  • Introduction to multiplication was done in class.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

 Practice for assessment. 


Subject: English


  • Various activities were done to strengthen speaking skills in students. Students discussed their understanding of the unit energy and shared it with the class.


  • Recapitulation was done.


  • Students also wrote a journal entry based on the ongoing unit. They were asked to add detail to their writing to make it more meaningful.
  • Students came up with ideas and wrote a descriptive passage along with the teacher.


  • Author study was done. 
  • Students read leveled books during Guided Reading.        


Upcoming activities/ HW: complete the practice paper and revise the portion for the upcoming Summative Assessment.


Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week:   درجہ چہارم کے بچوں کو امتحان کے پورشن کو سمجھایا گیا اور ان کا اعادہ کیا گیا تاکہ بچے پورے 

یقین کے ساتھ گھر میں دہرائیں اور اچھی طرح امتحان لکھیں ۔ 

بچوں کو پرندوں کا نام لکھنا سکھایا گیا تاکہ اس کی مشق کریں اور بنا دیکھیں نام لکھ سکیں ۔ اس کے لئے خوبصورت انداز اختیار کیا گیا 

” وہ کون سا پرندہ ہے جس کو سر پر پیر ہوتا ہے ؟ پوچھا گیا اس کے جواب میں بچوں نے پرندوں کے نام اردو میں بتائے ۔ بورڈ پر سے نقل کیا اور ” املا” کے لئے تیاری کیا گیا ۔ 


Upcoming activities/ HW: تمام بچوں کی کاپی میں مشق کیا گیا اسے دوبارہ دیکھیں اور ہر حصہ کی مشق دوبارہ کریں تاکہ پرچہ حل کر لیں 


Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:

  • पुनर्कथन करवाने के उपरांत उससे सम्बंधित कार्य करवाया गया जैसे  की छात्रों को लिंग परिवर्तन पढ़ाकर उसमे से कुछ शब्द चुनकर उत्तर सहित स्टिकी नोट परलिखाकर  उसको दिवार पर लगाया गया |
  • वाचन (कहानी) मे आकलन लिया गया और पोर्टफोलियो से सम्बन्धित कार्य करवाया गया |
  • आकलन के लिए अभ्यास करवाया गया |

Upcoming activities/ HW

  • आकलन के लिए अभ्यास कीजिए |


Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week: 

Revision practice has done.

Reading assessment has done and students wrote word chain of given words.

Portfolio and working folder work has done.

Upcoming activities/ HW

Prepare for Summative Assessment.


Subject: ICT

Activities done this week: Students  completed creating quiz on questions by inserting images and they learnt to  play kahoot quiz with the peers .


Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week:Sports day practice ( students started practicing for march past )


Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Students completed the book review worksheet of the book they read.




Dear Parents,                                               

Due to extended vacation, Assessment 1 for PP1 to C5 has been rescheduled to Mon 28 Oct 2018. Please find below a revised time table for the assessment.


Mon 28/10/19 – Telugu

Tue 29/10/19 – Hin/Ur

Wed 30/10/19 – English

Thu 31/10/19 – Math


Note: Please ensure that the school fee is paid, failing which the student will not be permitted to write the assessment.



Sheherbanoo Fathi,

PYP Coordinator, Focus School.