Weekly lesson report (No.): 5        Date:22 July 2019- 26 July 2019                           Class: Nursery A                   


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week: The learner Profile attribute which was focused this week was “Balanced”. Being “Balanced” helps to understand the importance of physical, emotional and intellectual balance to achieve personal goals.

  • Students learnt to balance between themselves(Hygiene).
  • They learnt how to take care of themselves..


Upcoming activities / HW:  Learner Profile “Balanced” will be focused again to infuse and to help students understand table manners and bad and good habits.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry



Activities done this week: Students recapitulated the parts of face with their uses. They learnt about parts of body i.e; hands, legs and fingers.

Students were able to differentiate between a girl and a boy with hands on activities.

Students enjoyed reciting rhymes related to parts of the face.

They learnt a new rhymes for washing their hands. This rhyme is always recited before going for snack time. Below are the lyrics:

Wash wash wash your hands

Play our handy game

Rub and scrub, scrub and rub

The germs go down the drain

Wash wash wash your hands

Play our handy game

Rub and scrub, scrub and rub

Dirt goes down the drain.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Table etiquette session will be held. We will be focusing on table manners, good and bad manners.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: Students did oral counting from 1-10.

  • Students were able to identify number “1&2”.
  • Students learnt pre mathematical concepts “big-small, in-out, up-down” through fun game roli poli.
  • Students enjoyed paper tearing activity and pasting in the shape “circle”.

Upcoming activities/ HW: “Square” shape will be introduced along with activities.


Subject: English

Activities done this week: Students recited “abcd” songs with gestures.

  • Students were able to identify standing and sleeping line.
  • Students enjoyed pasting sand in standing line and also enjoyed crumbling the paper and pasted them in sleeping line.
  • Students learnt new stroke “slanting lines”.
  • Students were able to trace standing and sleeping line on slates.
  • These activities helped the students develop fine motor skills.


Upcoming activities/ HW: Students will be able to identify letter “a” with its related objects. 

  • Students will recapitulate slanting lines and will do fun activities.
  • Homework: Worksheet is given.


Subject: Art

  • Activities done this week: Students enjoyed scribbling with crayons.
  • They enjoyed clay moulding and made imaginative materials using clay.


Upcoming activities/ HW: Students will paste parts of face on a thermocol plate.


Subject: Music

Activities done this week: Students recited several rhymes.

The rhymes are:

  1. God’s love is so wonderful……
  2. Nani teri morni……….
  3. Here we go round the mulberry bush………..
  4. Head shoulders knees and toes……
  5. Put your right hand in……………..
  6. Haathi raja…….
  7. ABCD song with phonics……..
  8. Jungle me janwar khelte hai…..
  9. Wash wash wash your hands


Upcoming activities/ HW:


Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week: Students enjoyed “balancing” on chairs. This activity helped students develop gross motor skills.

  • Students enjoyed free play with manipulatives and other physical equipment.
  • Students enjoyed playing with balloons. This helped students develop eye-hand coordination.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Students will play with different coloured balls for eye-hand coordination.






Dear parents,

Next week we  will be focusing on hygiene and table manners (good & bad habits) to explain to students that good table manners are a way of showing respect and consideration for themselves and others. We request you to send a napkin, spoon and fork (plastic) and fresh fruit juice with straw along with the tiffin, and water bottle without fail from Tuesday 30 Aug 2019 – 2 Aug 2019


NOTE: Please help the child to instill these table manners at home as well.


Thank you.

Nursery Teachers( Ms.Sara & Ms. Zubaida)



Dear Parents,

Plz decorate the portfolio creatively and send it by Tuesday i.e; 30 Aug 2019.