Class: C9B Class Teacher: Ms Kavita Akula

Google Classroom Code: mduywd

Date: Mon  16 Sep – Fri 20 Sep 2019

Weekly Lesson Report # 08

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week


Unit 4A: What is Man Without the Beasts? Completed.


Complete answer the following unit 3C

FA2 Slip Test on Monday 23 Sep 2019

3B: The River(Poem) will be discussed.


Ms Sabiha

Urdu teacher on leave -Substitution teachers taught their subjects.

Ms Rohini

लघु परीक्षा लिया गया.

नाना  साहब की पुत्री पाठ समझाया गया.

पढ़ाए गये पाठ के लेखिका का कवि परिचय लिखे.

Ms Kavitha

FA-2 slip test conducted.

L-5 “Prarthana” started.

Learn L-4 question answers, objective and grammar.

Mr Sajid

Ms Farha

Continue chapter Polynomial and Factorization.

Discussed about division of polynomials, remainder theorem, factor theorem and identities.

HW: ex: 2.3 and 2.4.

Continuation of Ch: 2.

Mr A Mumeed

Refraction of light, critical angle and total internal reflection – using PhET simulations. Formative assessment in Newton’s Laws Of Motion and Refraction of light.
Biology / Chemistry

Ms Adiba

BIOLOGY- Ch: 5 Diversity in living organisms- Activity 1: observation of plants leaves.Activity 2:observation of external characters of plant. FA-2 slip test conducted.

H/W: Activity 3 to be written in C/W.

CHEMISTRY: SA1 portion completed. FA-2 slip test conducted.

BIOLOGY- Ch:5 continuation

CHEMISTRY- SA-1 revision 

Social Studies

Ms Seema Fathima

Continuation: CH: 2-  Natural Realms of the Earth- Lithosphere. Continuation: CH: 2-  Natural Realms of the Earth- Hydrosphere.
Phy Edu

Ms Afshan


Ms Arshia

Buttons craft work  Continuation of same work 

Mr Ghouse

Continued to work on Ms Excel using built in formulas to calculate total, average. Generated multiplication table using cell reference. Explore other formulas in Ms Excel.