Class: C9B Class Teacher: Ms Kavitha Akula

Google Classroom Code: mduywd

Date: Mon 10 Feb – Fri 14 Feb 2020

Lesson report # 23

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week

Ms Shaher Bano

Written discourse revision(SA2)-

Drama Script writing under discussion

Written discourse revision(SA2) – Interview will be discussed.

Ms Noorjahan

سالانہ امتحان کے لے ایک سبق کے بعد دوسرے کا اعادہ کر وایا جا رہا ہ پانی کی اہمیت پر  پانچ نعرہ لکھنے کے لے کہا گیا ہے

Ms Rohini

पढ़ाये गए पाठ के प्रश्नोत्तर लिखने को कहा गया। पाठ से संबंद्धित कार्य पत्रक गृह कार्य के दिया गया।

Ms Kavitha

SA-2 revision

Reading test-1 done 

Read various books news paper for fluency reading.

Mr Sajid

Started ch: 14 Statistics.

Completed Mean, Median and mode of grouped data.

HW: complete ex: 14.2 and 14.3.

Bring the graph book. 

Ogive curves. 

Mr A Mumeed

Reflection of light at curved surfaces – Pole, centre of curvature, radius, image types – real and virtual; image formations and drawing ray diagrams.  Improve your learning of ‘reflection of light at curved surfaces’ and end of unit test.
Biology / Chemistry


Biochemical cycles completed, worksheets given.

NUTRITION : Definition,types of nutrition, photosynthesis, activity:presence of starch.

Complete the tasks given in the c.w.
Social Studies

Ms Seema Fathima

C10 portion started.

CH:1 – India relief features (Introduction

Phy Edu

Ms Afshan

Warm up, Running activity

Topic: Basketball 

continuation of same work 
Art Exhibition work and painting  Art work 

Mr Ghouse

Formative assessment conducted.  Revise topics on computer viruses.