Class: C9A Class Teacher: Ms. Somana Fatima

Google Classroom Code: b23qky3

Date: Mon 05 Aug  – Fri 09 Aug 2019

Weekly Lesson Report # 03


Ms Shaher Bano

Unit 2A “True Height” completed

Grammar – Dependent and independent clause

Editing exercise

Listening Exercise:  Unit 2 Appendix- Cricket Commentary 

Collect information about a world famous Indian sports personality  and write a Biographical sketch about the same personality.

Ms Sabiha

سبق نمبر4″عیدگاہ” کی تفہیم کی گئ۔

سبق نمبر4″عیدگاہ”سےمتعلقactivity کرائ گئ۔جسمیں طلباوطالبات نے اپنے

دادا،دادی یا نانا،نانی اوروالدین کےلۓ عید مبارک کارڈس بناۓگۓ۔

سبق نمبر4″عیدگاہ”کےدیےگۓسوالات کے جواب مکمل کريے۔

Ms Rohini

पाठ-४ तुम कब जाओगे अतिथि के प्रश्नोतर लिखाया गया.

शरद जोशी का कवि परिचय लिखने को कहा गया.

पेज-21(पढ़ने की योग्यता का विस्तार) पढ़कर दिए गये प्रश्नो के उत्तर लिखिए.

Ms Kavitha

L-4 “Hasya pravrutti” explained. Learn and practice L-3 song.

Mr Sajid

Ms Farha

Completed median of ungrouped data and grouped data.  Solve the given questions.

Mr A Mumeed

Newton’s laws of motion –  Linear momentum, law of conservation of linear momentum, some relevant examples and Atwood’s Machine – acceleration of connected objects having slight differences in their masses.  Revise the whole Ch. 4 Newton’s laws of motion, Complete MCQ in the text book it self and answer at least 10 questions from IYL. We will have interactive class to recall the basic concepts of laws of motion and  solve few NQs. 
Biology / Chemistry

Ms Adiba

Biology-Unit:4 Plasma membrane – diffusion and osmosis.

Chemistry- Matter around us completed. Assessment conducted.

Biology – End of Unit Assessment will be conducted next week in ch-3 Animal Tissue.

Chemistry- Read the chapter – Is matter pure 

Social Studies

Ms Somana

CH:12 -Industrialisation and social changes (completed)

Discussed all box questions and Improve your learning questions.

Complete box questions and Improve your learning of chapter 12.

Bring information for FA2 project work (Inventions during industrialization in Britain, Germany, and France) 

Phy Edu

Ms Afshan

Kabaddi games basic skills practice.Athletic participants preparation. Write the rules of Kabaddi.

Ms Arshia


Mr Ghouse

Wrote reflections on Google CS1 project. Completed ICT notes. Continued with Google CS1 project activities. Complete Google CS1 activities at home PC.