Class: C8B Class Teacher: Ms Rohini

Google Classroom Code: wnakfo

Date: Mon 02 Sep – Fri 06 Sep 2019

Weekly Lesson Report # 07

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
Language & Literature: English

Ms Vaseema Sultana

Assessment: Final Presentation of the Reading Circle activity completed.

Students assessed themselves and their peers for the same using the rubrics given to them.

  • Unit 1 to be completed.
  • Summative Assessment video presentation and poster making.
Language Acquisition: Urdu

Ms Sabeeha

ایف ۔اے 2 کے منصوبہ کام کی جانچ کی گئی۔

ایف۔اے  2 اخبار کا تبصرہ مکمل کیا گیا۔

ایف۔اے 2 سلپ ٹسٹ منعقد کیا جائیگا۔
Language Acquisition: Hindi

Ms Rohini

कहानी पढ़कर आठ प्रश्न बनाने को कहा गया. कोई महान व्यक्ति का वीडियो दिखिए और उसे समझकर कक्षा मे प्रदर्शित कीजिए.
Language Acquisition: Telugu

Ms Pratyusha

FA-2 reflection & written work completed FA-2 Slip test on 16-09-2019,Monday

Mr Murtuza

FA2 cycle completion

Worksheet on percentages

FA 2 home based Slip test is assigned

Practice percentages worksheet

Self and Peer evaluation

Integrated Science

Ms Rumana

    • Introduction to active energy and store energy.
    • Activity :Making sense of energy.
  • H/W: Prepare for project presentations on any one of the following topics.  
  • Simple machines:
  1. Lever
  2. Wedge
  3. Inclined plane
  4. Wheel and axle
  5. Pulley
  6. Screw driver
  • Continuation of Ch.2
  • How do we measure energetic  change.
  • Prepare for FA-2 Slip test in the Ch.2.
Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Fathima

Changing Cultural Traditions in Europe 1300- 1800.

Realism: Role play & report writing.

FA- 2 Slip test conducted.

Ch: United Nation Organisation.
Physical & Health Education

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader

This week mainly focused on basic tactics & skills (tackle, chasing and defending) of KHO – KHO game and positions (defenders, In’s and chain method) of players in KABADDI game. Resource (Videos) folder for making notes shared with all students by email.

Assessment: from the following 

    Introduction of game
    Field of Play (Court)
    Basic Rules & Regulations
    Points System
Visual Arts

Ms Arshia

Making gift box and decorating  Continuation of same work 
Performing Arts

Ms Sabika

Students need to practise their scripts. 

Developing a mindset for stage performances. 


Ms Armeen

HTML Styles. 

Doodle 4 Google Project work to enhance students creativity.

Last date for Doodle 4 Google project submission 13 Sept 2019.