Class: C8B Class Teacher: Ms Rohini

Google Classroom Code: wnakfo

Date: Mon 29 July- Fri 02 Aug 2019

Weekly Lesson Report # 02

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
English Reading Circle activity based on topic Type of Advertisement

FA1 work completion

FA1 correction feedback

Redoing Reading Circle activity for better quality inputs

Assessment: Group presentation

Urdu ایف ۔ون تحریری کام اور کتابی تبصرہ مکمل کیا گیا۔

لغت کا استعمال کسطرح کیا جائے سمجھایا کیا۔طالب علم لغت سے تلاش کر کے الفاظ معنی درج کئے۔

قواعد: حروف شمشی سمجھایا گیا۔

Hindi शब्द पयोधर का चयन कर शब्दकोश की सहायता से वाक्य बनाने को कहा गया.

शिक्षार्थी प्रोफाइल उत्क्रम वर्णमाला मे सूचीबद्ध करने को कहा गया.


कार्यपत्रक दिया गया.
Telugu Gave unit 1 questions & answers, FA – 1 Slip Test conducted.  Learn unit-1 question and answers . 
Math FA1 cycle  completion, Introduction to decimals and conversion of fraction to Decimals, Decimal Exercises Problems on decimals (+-×÷)
Science Nutrition in plants(Autotrophs, photosynthesis)

Nutrition in humans. (Digestive system) 

Cellular respiration 
Individuals & Societies Discussion on Changing Cultural Traditions in Europe 1300- 1800.

Read and explain.

Reflection written in classwork.

Video link:

Framing of questions.

Comprehension questions.


Phy Edu MYP Unit 1 – Completed with Assessment.

Introduction of MYP Unit 2

Schools Games Federation Preparation
Arts [VA/PA] Making different patterns Design  /

 The same script continues this week.


Children to practise reading at home to develop reading fluency. 


ICT Google CS1 Project : Interactive Presentation NO HW