Class: C8B Class Teacher: Ms Rohini

Google Classroom Code: wnakfo

Date::Mon 06 – Fri  10 Jan 2020

Lesson report # 19

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
Language & Literature: English

Ms Vaseema Sultana

Active and Passive voice practice

Sentence structure practice

Direct and Indirect Speech
Language Acquisition: Urdu

Ms Noorjahan

سرسری مطالعہ سے تین اشرفیاں کہانی سے ایک صحفہ کی ریڈنگ کروای گی اسی کہانی سے پانچ لفظ جملے بنانے کے لے دے کے ہیں
Language Acquisition: Hindi

Ms Rohini

छात्रों को मूल नैतिक कहानी दी गयी थी। उस कहानी को पढ़कर प्रश्नोत्तर, कठिन शब्द तथा वाक्य बनाने को कहा गया। दी गयी कहानी पढ़ने को कहा गया।
Language Acquisition: Telugu

Ms Pratyusha

Unit – 3 telugu weeks, months & year explained.  FA – 4 Slip test on 17th friday.

Mr Murtuza

Completed real life application of probability with a metaphor – Tree diagram.

Debatable: Theoretical vs Experimental probability.

HW: Project work
Next week: Carnival preparation
Integrated Science

Ms Rumana

Autonomic nervous system completed.

Re-assessment conducted in CNS and PNS.

H/W- students have to draw the diagram for autonomic nervous system.

Reaching the age of adolescence
Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Fathima

Biosphere- soil.


Biosphere- vegetation.

  • Project.
  • Project report.
Physical & Health Education


Warm up, Fitness activity games, running.

Topic: Kabaddi

Continuation of same work
Visual Arts

Ms Arshia

Arts project decoration  continuation of same work 
Performing Arts

Ms Sabika

3rd poem started in the class.  Students need to practice reading poems at home. 

Ms Armeen

Introduction to Infographics.

Inquiry and analysis on Infographics.

Design your infographics based upon the topic of your own interest.