Class: C8B Class Teacher: Ms Rohini

Google Classroom Code: wnakfo

Date::Mon 02 – Fri  06 Dec 2019

Lesson report # 14

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
Language & Literature: English

Ms Vaseema Sultana

FA3 reflection done

What is the purpose of newspaper?

What are the different components of newspaper?

Sentences, clauses, phrases 

Active and passive voice

FA3 Slip test
Language Acquisition: Urdu

Ms Noorjahan

سلپ ٹس لیا گیا ۔پروجیکٹ کروایاگیا جملے بنانے کے لے دیا گیا ہے
Language Acquisition: Hindi

Ms Rohini

इकाई-२ अडोस-पड़ोस के प्रश्नोतर और कठिन शब्द लिखाया गया. लिखाए गये पाठ के प्रश्नोतर पढ़ने को कहा गया.
Language Acquisition: Telugu

Ms Pratyusha

FA -3 Reflection and project conducted  Slip test on monday in lesson-2 Personal identities .

Mr Murtuza

Applications of Probability

Concept completed: 

1, 2, 3 coins, 

1, 2 Dice & 

Deck of 52 Cards 


Framing of own Questions on the taught concepts.

Integrated Science

Ms Rumana

  • FA-3 Lab activity and

 Project work completed.

  • FA-3 slip test is conducted.
Continuation of Ch.3 How do our bodies work?
Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Fathima

Class presentation.

Slip test done.

Biosphere- Forest.
Physical & Health Education


  • Continuation with Specific warm ups.
  • Handball
  • Kho- Kho
Visual Arts

Ms Arshia

Recycle artwork paper mosaic  continuation of same work 
Performing Arts

Ms Sabika

Introduction of the 2 unit.

Poetry recitation. 

Children should try to understand different techniques of memorising as that is the essential key in the next unit. 

Ms Armeen

Design webpage using

Share your webpage using Google classroom.

FA 3 project assigned on Google classroom.

Last date of submission: 7 Dec 2019.