Class: C8A         Class Teacher: Ms Munazza Fatima

Google Classroom Code: s8apib5

  Date: Mon 27 – Fri 31 Jan 2020

Lesson report # 21

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
Language & Literature:  News report and conventions of news report. 

The five w and one H questions

Writing Headlines for a news report 

Identifying if headlines are written in active or passive voice.

Write a news report.
Language Acquisition: 

Mr Shujath

طلبا نے منصوبہ کام میں عالمی حرارت کے موضوع پر معلومات کو کلاس روک میں تحریر کیا اور کمرہ جماعت میں اس عنوان پر مباحثہ بھی کیا۔ جملےسازی اور ایک مختصر کہانی کو سننے کے بعد اپنے الفاظ میں اسے قلمبند کیا۔ ایف اے فور: آئندہ ہفتہ سلپ ٹسٹ کا انعقاد ہوگا۔
Language Acquisition: Hindi

Ms saba

FA4 पुस्तक पठन प्रतिक्रिया कराया गया तथा समुदाय से संबन्धित पत्रक दिया गया जिसे कक्षा मे ही करना था| समुदाय पाठ पर कुछ वाक्य दिए गये जिसे देखकर निबन्ध लिखने को कहा गया|
Language Acquisition: Telugu

Ms Pratyusha

Unit 3  Grammar & oral practice season song  & worksheet given.   Learn the given song(season song).

Mr Murtuza 

Carnival games in progress.

Statistics part-1 started.

HW: Prepare for Olympiad 2020.

Next week: Introduction to different types of graphs

Integrated Science

Ms Neha

How do we put electricity and magnetism together?

  • Keywords
  • Introduction of the chapter
Continuation of the same unit.
Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Fathima

  • Find out the key words from the topic and write definitions of it
  • Prepare question and answers. Quiz conducted.
  • Slip Test.
  • Get information on Green House Gases.
Physical & Health Education

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader

Warm up, Running activity

Agility Games, Hula Hoop Games,

Topic: Basketball 

continuation of same work 
Visual Arts

Ms Arshia

Recycle artwork for exhibition  continuation of same work 
Performing Arts

Ms Sabika

Students are performing and at the same time completing one-pager for the poems. Need to practice reading poems at home

Ms Armeen

Introduction to Infographics

Criteria A: Inquiry & analysis

Criteria B: Developing Ideas 

Criteria C: Creating the solution