Class: C8B Class Teacher: Ms Rohini

Google Classroom Code: wnakfo

Date: Mon 2 – Fri 6 Mar 2020

Lesson report # 26

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
Language & Literature: English

Ms Vaseema 

  • How newspapers help in preserving history
  • How to spot fake news in progress.
  • How to spot fake news will be completed.
Language Acquisition: Urdu

Ms Noorjahan

حروف قمر ی حروف شمسی کے علاوہ فعل فاعل اور مرکب و مفرد الفاظ آموختہ میں کروایا گیا۔ مبتدا خبر اورمضاف مضاف الیہ پڑھکر آنے کے لے کہا گیا ہے
Language Acquisition: Hindi

Ms Rohini

प्रश्नोतर लिखाया गया| वीडियो लिंका क भेजा गया उस वीडियो को देख कर कक्षा मे उसके बारे मे बोलने को कहा गया|
Language Acquisition: Telugu

Ms Pratyusha

SA-2 Revision started Homework  given in class work.

Mr Murtuza

Scatter plot and Stem & leaf plot completed. HW: Newspaper graphs cutting as HW is given.

Next Week: Measure of central tendencies.

Integrated Science

Ms Rumana

FA-4 project work and presentation completed 

Electric current will be completed 

FA-4 slip test
Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Fathima

Environment and development- Introduction. Environment and development- Continuation.
Physical & Health Education


Warmup, running, hula hoops games.

Topic: FootballWarmup, running, hula hoops games.

Visual Arts

Ms Arshia

Making thank you card for teachers 
Performing Arts

Ms Sabika

Students have started writing perspectives and winding up their portfolio work. To start memorising the poem for the final presentation. To develop presentation skills. Follow the rubric.

Ms Armeen

  • Digital Design: Assessment in Designing an Infographic for Criteria B
  • Product  Design: Introduction to DC Motors. 
  • Digital Discipline session conducted to bring awareness of Cybersecurity issues.
  • Pictures of session is available to access from Google Photos

Criteria C & D to be completed in the upcoming week.