Subjects Portion
Hindi इकाई-१ दुनिया
क्लासवर्क मे लिखाया गया पूरा पढ़े तथा कार्यपत्रक मे दिया गया कार्य पढ़े
Urdu 1۔جگنو” (نظم) علامہ اقبال2۔پنچایت،منشی پریم چند،3۔فقیر کی نصیحت،ڈاکٹر بانو سرتاج،قواعد: حروف شمسی،قمری، مرکب غیر اضافی،مضاف،مضاف الیہ، مفرد ومرکب الفاط۔
Telugu Unit 1: Culture
Unit 2: Identities
English Reading comprehension: Unfamiliar passage
Vocabulary: synonyms; definiation of a word in students’ own words
Grammar: alliteration; parallelism; emotive language; types of sentences; framing questions
Creative discourse: Conversation; poster
Math Unit 1: Fractions
Unit 2: Decimals
Unit 3: Percentages
Unit 4: Mathematical Inventions & Discoveries
Science Unit 1: What should I eat?
Unit 2: How do we make it work?
Social Unit 1: Industrialisation and Social changes
Unit 2: Changing Cultural Traditions in Europe 1300-1800CE
Unit 3: United Nations Organisation