Class 7A Class teacher. Saba Fatima

Google Classroom Code: cnkj1p5

Date: Mon 16 Sep – Fri 20 Sep 2019

Weekly Lesson Report # 08

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
English Reflective writing(FA2 Component)

Alliteration, emotive language and parallelism. 

FA2 Slip test to be posted on Google classroom
Urdu طلبا نےایف اے 2 مکمل کرلیا ہے۔طلبا نے سلپ ٹسٹ میں املا لکھا اور مضمون نویسی کی۔کتاب پرمختصر تبصرہ بھی کیا۔منصوبہ کام میں دو شاعر کا تعارف شامل تھا۔ ایف اے 2 کی جانچ کا کام مکمل ہوگا اور طلبا سبق خوانی کریں گے۔
Hindi समुदाय पर कुछ प्रश्नोतर  जो कार्यपत्रक के रूप मे कराया गया|

लघु परीक्षा लिया गया

कार्य पत्रक दिया गया उसे पूरा करना है|
Language Acquisition:


Mr Saber

FA-2 slip test conducted and Chapter-2 started, given different religion festival names.   HW – Chapter-2 key words learn and write 3 times.
Math Divisions practice,

FA 2 Project work and 

FA 2 Slip test.

Introduction to Ratio and conversions.

Ms Neha

FA 2 Project assigned

FA 2 Slip test 

Introduction of electromagnetic spectrum.

Continuation of the chapter

Electromagnetic spectrum 

Sound waves

Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Sultana

  • Activity 1: Discussed about the Hydrosphere. And draw a water cycle.
  • Activity 2: Debate was conducted.
  • Find the keywords from the given material and write definitions for it. 
Physical & Health Education

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader

As this week the 65th Hyderabad District School Games is scheduled. Students have given a stand alone games.
Arts [VA]


Lip pan art work 

Videos shown on how to stage a performance. 

Understanding the limitations of the stage Ideas to prepare simple props. 

Continuation of same work 

To finalize the date and play for summative assessment. Arranging the portfolio.

ICT Cybersecurity:  Introduction, Tips for Cybersecurity. Continuation of same chapter