Class: C6B Class Teacher: Ms Shaher Bano

Google Classroom Code: 0raij41

Date: Mon 2  Mar- Fri 6 Mar 2020

Weekly Lesson Report # 26

Subjects Topics & Activities this week HW & assessments next week
Language  and Literature: English

Ms Shaher Bano

  • FA 4 Project completed
  • Slip Test revision
  • FA 4 Sliptest conducted.
  • Expository writing to be continued 
Language Acquisition: Urdu

Mr Shujath

طلبا نے خط نویسی کی۔ املا اور جملے سازی کی مشق بھی کی۔  طلبا جملے بنانے اور مضمون نویسی کی مشق کریں گے۔ 
Language Acquisition: Hindi

Ms Saba

पाठ के कठिन शब्द लिखाया गया|

प्रश्नो के उत्तर भी लिखाया गया|

गृह कार्य के लिए कार्य पत्रक दिया गया
Language Acquisition: Telugu

Mr. Saber

SA-2 Revision started Homework  given in class work.

Ms Munazza

Conducted FA-4 slip test. Revision started(Algebra) Practice the class task in the revision book.

Ms Rumana

  • FA-4 project presentation completed
  • Introduction to Ch. 4 What makes change happen? 
  • Work and energy will be explained
Individuals & Societies

Ms Seema Sultana

  • Write the differences and similarities between Mesopotamian or Egyptian civilisation and Indus Valley civilisation.
  • Worksheet was given related to Indus Valley civilisation 
  • Quiz will be conducted in The topic Indus valley civilisation
Physical & Health Education

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader

Warmup, running, hula hoops games.

Topic: FootballWarmup, running, hula hoops games.

Visual arts

Ms Arshia

Fingerprint painting  continuation of same work 
Performing Arts

Ms Sabika

Students to complete their portfolios. In case pending work, students need to  complete it at home. Students need to memorise the poem for the SA. 

Ms Armeen

Digital Design: Assessment in Scratch Programming for Criteria B.

Product  Design: Introduction to DC Motors.

Criteria C & D to be completed in the upcoming week.