Weekly lesson report (No.): 20            Date: 18 Nov – 22 Nov                             


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week: The learner profile which was followed this week in connection to our unit ‘Peace and Conflict’ was Inquirer. Students developed their natural curiosity. They acquired the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and showed independent learning. They actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.


Upcoming activities / HW: The learner profile which will be followed next week on their ongoing topic ‘Peace and Conflict’ will be Thinker. Thinkers exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry


Topic: Peace and Conflict 

Central idea:  Finding peaceful solutions to conflict leads to a better quality of human life 


Lines of inquiry: 

  • Causes of conflict 
  • Conflict resolution and management 
  • Living and working together peacefully


Activities done this week: 

  • Students were given various scenarios and they answered questions based on the same. Each scenario was based on a type of conflict and students had to identify the reason for conflict, examples from their experience and how this conflict could be resolved.
  • Formative Assessment on conflict resolution and management was conducted. Students identified the causes and effects of conflicts in the given scenarios and suggested solutions for peaceful living.
  • Students gained an understanding of sharing feelings in order to resolve conflicts and wrote I-Statements for each conflicting scenario.
  • Students identified the reasons that cause a conflict to negatively escalate and distinguished between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication styles.


Upcoming activities/ HW:  Choose a Peace Project that you wish to work and design a plan.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 

Number system ( Division)

  • Students were introduced to Division topic by a hands on activity were in students were made analyze division with remainder by using the manipulative.
  • Students also learned division by Multiples of 10.
  • Students learned division by Big 7 Strategy and Traditional Method.


Upcoming activities/ HW:

Division practice problems given in c.w.



Subject: English

Activities done this week:   


  • Various activities were done to strengthen speaking skills in students. Students discussed their understanding of the unit ‘Peace and Conflict’ and shared it with the class.
  • Students learned new words and their synonyms and used them while conversing with peers and teachers.
  • JAM session was conducted. Students learned vocabulary to replace commonly used words and enhance their speech.


  • Students wrote a journal entry based on the ongoing unit. They were asked to add detail to their writing to make it more meaningful.


  • Author study was done. 
  • Students read levelled books during Guided Reading.        


Upcoming activities/ HW: Write a descriptive passage based on the given image and answer all the questions below.


Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week: تمام بچوں کو دو حرفی ملے ہوئے اور بنا ملے ہوئے الفاظ کو جملوں میں استعمال کرنا سکھایا گیا ۔ تاکہ وہ انہیں آسانی سے لکھنے اور پڑھنے آجائے ۔ 

پرتھم بک کی ایک کہانی پڑھائی گئی تاکہ ان میں ریڈنگ کا شوق پیدا ہو۔ اور وہ لائبریری میں موجود کہانی کی کتابیں پڑھ سکیں ۔ اس سے ان میں تقریری صلاحیت مزید ہوگی ۔ 

اسکول میں انٹر ہاوس ” نعتیہ مقابلہ منعقد ہوا جس میں بہت سے بچوں نے حصہ لیا اور نعت پڑھی ۔ اور اپنے ہاوس کو جیتانے کی کوشش کیا البتہ ” انٹیگریٹی ہاوس ” کے حق میں امتیازی انعام آیا ۔ 


Upcoming activities/ HW: سبھی بچوں کی ڈائری میں ہوم ورک کے متعلق معلومات موجود ہے ۔ برائے “ املا” جملوں میں 



Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:

संज्ञा मे पुनर्कथन करवाया गया | उसके उपरांन्त  सर्वनाम उपविषय से अवगत करवाया गया |सर्वनाम को पढ़ाया और लिखाया  गया|

सर्वनाम मे पुनर्कथन करवाया  गया | उसके उपरांन्त सर्वनाम के भेद पढाए और लिखाए  गए |

Upcoming activities/ HW

दिए गए ग्रहकार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए |



Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week

Students read and write colours names in Telugu.

Students completed the guninthalu sheet and practiced Varnamala, signs of Hallulu.

Students read and write two and three letter words.

Upcoming activities/ HW

Complete the work has been given.


Subject: Art

Activities done this week:  For Art: The students started drawing for the painting in their books.

For Craft: The students started making the petals of a flower with the binding wire.


Subject: Music

Activities done this week:


Upcoming activities/ HW


Subject: ICT

Activities done this week:Students learnt about the uses of drive and they learnt to use the google docs and shared with their peers to reflect on the given question.


Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week: Sports day practice ( students practicing for march past ) followed with high intensity running activity to develop their endurance and stamina.


Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Students read the story and narrated the story.



Dear Parent,                                             21 Nov 2019

We will depart for a picnic from school at 8:30 am sharp and return by 5:30 pm. Please send healthy snacks and water bottle (no fizzy drinks) lunch will be provided. Students to come in PE uniform, wear slip-on/floaters,and carry an extra pair of clothes, and towel as they will be getting into rain dance. In case you don’t want your child to get into water please write a note and inform the class teacher.

Please ensure that the child comes on time and the above instructions are followed.


Sheherbanoo Fathi,

PYP coordinator, Focus School.