Weekly lesson report (No.):  31          Date: 10to 14th Feb                         Class: 5B                        


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week: The learner profile attribute that was explained this week based on their PYPX is Knowledgeable. Students developed and used conceptual understanding and explored knowledge across a range of disciplines. Students engaged with issues and ideas that have local and global significance. 


Upcoming activities / HW: The learner profile which will be followed next week in connection to our PYPX is Inquirer. Students will develop their natural curiosity. They will acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independent learning. They will actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

Topic: Sustainable Development Goals

Central idea: Understanding global issues help people make decisions for a sustainable world


Activities done this week: 

  • Students practised for the Opening Ceremony
  • Students gave presentations in various classes to spread awareness about their chosen goal.
  • Students met their mentors and worked towards the PYP Exhibition
  • Student Agency and Essential Elements of PYP were explained. 


Upcoming activities/ HW: Do an in-depth inquiry on your chosen goal and come prepared for the PYPX.

Subject: Math

Activities done this week: Students did Math integration activities for the upcoming PYP Exhibition


Subject: English


Various activities were done to strengthen speaking skills in students. Students discussed their understanding of the Global Goals and shared it with the class. Students learned new words and their synonyms and used them while conversing with peers and teachers.JAM session was conducted. Students learned vocabulary to replace commonly used words and enhance their speech.


Students wrote a journal entry based on the ongoing unit. They were asked to add detail to their writing to make it more meaningful. Sequencing and Report writing was introduced. 



 Students read levelled books during Guided Reading.         


Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week: Students prepared for the opening ceremony of the PYP Exhibition


Subject: ICT

Activities done this week: Students completed making PowerPoint presentations on their goals for exhibition and started working on padlet (online bulletin board)


Dear Member of the Learning Community,

Greetings for the day.

The Class 5 PYP Exhibition at Focus School is just around the corner. We, students, have been working very hard developing our inquiries and are ready to share our learning with you all. You are cordially invited to come and celebrate with us on 19 February 2020 anytime between 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM. Please see below an invitation for you to join us on the day to celebrate our culminating learning experience.

The programme for the day is as follows:

9:30 AM – 10:30 am Opening performances in the auditorium.

The Exhibition continues on the third floor where we invite you to wander through and engage the students in conversations about their inquiry.

Warm regards,
Grade 5 students