Weekly lesson report (No.): 36                                            Date :11th march-13th march                 

 Subject: Learner Profile           

  Activities done this week          

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that was explained this week for their new topic BIODIVERSITY was  REFLECTIVE.  It was great to see the children Reflecting on their previous learning about the terms like producers, consumers, decomposers, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, while watching videos and came up with amazing responses and even communicated their ideas to the class.

Upcoming activities / HW

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that we will emphasize next week for their topic BIODIVERSITY will be REFLECTIVE.   The activities that you can do for the Learner Profiles mentioned above are as follows,

1.It would provide an opening to encourage your child to write a diary after a while considering the past and turning to account.

2.You can determine the strengths and weaknesses by evaluating the learning of your child. You can together decide on the things s/he can do on his/her own.

3.You can videotape any activities during the learning process and then make your child evaluate the ups and downs on his/her own. Dear Parents, please help them in their work, if you find your child following any of the   learner profiles, click a picture or record a video and share it with us through diary, mail or Bloomz. Thank you! 


      Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

      THEME:–   Sharing the Planet       


       CENTRAL IDEA:-Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependence balance of organisms         within systems.

           LINES OF INQUIRY: 

  1. 1. Ways in which ecosystems,biomes and environment are interdependent.
  2. How human interaction with the environment can affect the balance of the system. 

     3.The consequence of imbalance within the ecosystem.


Tuning in.

                 1.Students were tuned in to the topic through reading the book Yum-Yum .

                 2.Students wrote the definitions of some of the terms

                 3.Students were introduced to LOI- Students inquired about the different types of biomes.

                4. Students wrote the definition of food chain and food web and drew the food chain in their books

 Upcoming activities/ HW:

       1 . worksheet given  

  1.  Inquiry work sent(Inquiring about different biomes-places/located, people, food, climate, plants, animals)    

Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 


  1. Students were introduced to new topic Fractions.
  2. Students defined fraction as part of a whole or dividing something into equal parts.
  3. Fraction was introduced practically by using an orange and dividing it  into equal parts.
  4. Students also defined different types of fractions.
  5. Students practice and identify different types of fractions.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

Homework given  in class work.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

1.Homework worksheet pasted in class

 Subject: English

  Activities done this week:  


   1.Students read the Charlotte Web Chapter 11 and found the meanings of given words.

 Listening and SPEAKING:


  1. Students were introduced to Homophones and Homonym      
  2. Students did  practice exercises in the class for homophones..
  3. Students revised the topic noun for SA-2

      Upcoming activities/ HW

        1.Task Sheet given

Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week:

دو حرفی الفاظ سے بننے والے جملوں کا اعادہ کیا گیا ۔    جن بچوں کو دو حرفی ملے ہوئے اور بنا ملے ہوئے الفاظ لکھنے نہیں آتا وہ ایسے جملے نہیں لکھ سکتے ہیں ۔ انہیں مشق کی ضرورت ہے 

تین حرفی الفاظ کے چاروں حصوں کو دہرایا گیا اور بتایا گیا کہ تین حرفی الفاظ صرف چار طرح سے بنتے ہیں ۔ ان کی اچھی طرح مشق کریں تاکہ امتحان میں بھی لکھ سکیں 


Upcoming activities/ HW

آئندہ ہفتہ 

فعل کی تعریف یاد کرنا اور اسے لکھنا سیکھیں تاکہ مثال کے ساتھ اسے لکھ سکیں 

صفت اور موصوف کی تعریف اور جملوں میں ان کی پہچان کریں ۔ تاکہ اسسمنٹ میں کامیابی حاصل ہو 


Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:

कारक मे पुनर्कथन करवाया गया | प्रत्यय को पढ़ाया और लिखाया गया |

लिंग  परिवर्तन  को पढ़ाया और लिखाया गया |

Upcoming activities/ HW

दिए गए ग्रहकार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए |                                                


Activities done this week:

1.Students practiced varnamala, vattulu, and simple words.

2.Students read and write the compound words.

3.Students wrote guninthalu.

Upcoming activities/ HW

Complete the work given.

Subject: Art :

Activities done this week: Students are making different 3d things for their visual art exhibition and they are keeping for sale.

Upcoming activities/ HW


 Activities done this week:

Subject: ICT

Activities done this week:  Students started working on prezi(online presentation) they learnt to add videos in it.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

Subject: PE: 

Upcoming activities/ HW: 

Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Students read the story and share it with their peers.

Upcoming activities/