Weekly lesson report :    30                                                     Date: 27th – 31st Jan 2020                                             


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week          

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that was explained this week for their topic EXPLORATION was  INQUIRER & THINKER.  It was great to see the children curious about the topic, putting on their thinking caps and become little inquirers, when they started exploring and asking questions on different explorers and their reasons for exploration, they brainstormed and communicated to share their ideas to the class.

Upcoming activities / HW

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that we will emphasize next week for their topic EXPLORATION will be INQUIRER & THINKER.   The activities that you can do for the Learner Profiles mentioned above are as follows, You can make a visit to a library to borrow books that are about their interests and hobbies, You can make research on the net about a subject that you decide on to develop your chıld’s internet intellection, You can encourage your child to think about the different solutions to any problems,  You can make your child think about different and real-life issues

 Dear Parents, please help them in their work, if you find your child following any of the learner profiles, click a picture or record a video and share it with us through diary, mail or Bloomz. Thank you! 


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

THEME:-  Where we are in place and time.

UNIT:-  Explorations

CENTRAL IDEA:-  Explorations lead to discoveries, opportunities and develop new understandings.


    • Reasons for exploration (historical and personal).
    • How exploration have taken place over time.
    • The consequences of exploration.



Finding Out:-

  1. Students did graphic organizer.      
  2. Students found out the information about the given explorer through inquiry and presented it in a group.They answered the following questions as well.1. Where did they explore.2. what is the purpose of exploring? 3. What are the tools they used 4. What are they famous for?   
  3. Word wall activity done.
  4. Vocabulary words done.
  5. Students found meanings of the given words using dictionary.  
  6. Students practiced for their upcoming assembly.     


    Upcoming activities/ HW:

  1. Inquiry work sent.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 


  1. Students defined HCF and LCM of a number.
  2. Students found the HCF and LCM by Venn Diagram method.
  3. Students also practiced HCF by division method also.


Upcoming activities/ HW:

Homework given in class work.


Subject: English

Activities done this week:  


  1. Novel Study-“Charlotte’s Web”: Following the identification of novel title, author and illustrator, the children will echo read chapter 5 after the teacher and  identify the theme, setting, characters and they will do sight words and new topic vocabulary words activities(quiz(spell drill) & broken word activity. 



  • The teacher read out the book from the library on their new theme(circle time activity).




  • Students wrote vocabulary on exploration. 
  • Students did spell on sight words, spell quiz, jumbled letter activity, miss-spelt words as well. 



  1. Students practiced more with the conjunctions using FANBOYS rules.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

  1. Learn the sight words and vocabulary on exploration given for spell drill activity on Monday.


Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:

पोर्टफोलियो से सम्बंधित कार्य करवाया  गया | 

अशुद्ध वाक्य को शुद्ध करके लिखवाया गया  |

कक्षा  मे छात्रों को पुस्तक दी गई  |उस पुस्तक मे से कहानी को पढ़कर उसमे कोनसा शिक्षार्थी प्रालेख है लिखा गया  | उसके पश्चात दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखे गए |

Upcoming activities/ HW

आकलन के लिए अभ्यास कीजिए|


Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week:

  1. Students read and wrote picture and names.
  2. .Students wrote number and names in Telugu.
  3. Students read and write the vocabulary words of [శరీర అవయవాలు] parts of the body.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

1.Complete the work has given.


Subject: ICT

Activities done this week:  

Students were introduced to new topic coggle(mind map) and learnt to sign up to coggle and started creating mind map.

Upcoming activities:


Subject: Library:

Activities done this week:  

Students did  the practice for Reader’s theatre presentation

Upcoming activities/ HW: