Weekly lesson report :  24                                             Date: 9th Dec-13th Dec 2019                                              


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week          

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that was explained this week for their new topic FORCES was  INQUIRER & THINKER.  It was great to see the children curious about the topic, putting on their thinking caps and become little inquirers, when they visited the Birla Science Museum and started exploring and asking questions as how and which force is applied and how the machines work, its application, they brainstormed and communicated to share their ideas to the class, when they came back from the field trip and filled their reflection as well.

Upcoming activities / HW

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that we will emphasize next week for their new topic FORCES will be INQUIRER & THINKER.   The activities that you can do for the Learner Profiles mentioned above are as follows, You can make a visit to a library to borrow books that are about their interests and hobbies, You can make research on the net about a subject that you decide on to develop your chıld’s internet intellection, You can encourage your child to think about the different solutions to any problems,  You can make your child think about different and real-life issues

 Dear Parents, please help them in their work, if you find your child following any of the learner profiles, click a picture or record a video and share it with us through diary, mail or Bloomz. Thank you! 


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

THEME:-  How The World Works


CENTRAL IDEA:-   People apply their understanding of Forces to solve problems



  • The different types of forces(key concept-forms-What is it like?)


    • How forces affect our world.(key concept-Causation-Why is it like it is?)
    • How understanding of forces helps us to solve problems.(key concept-Function-How does it work?)


Finding Out:-

  1. Students made a mind map on types of forces, experiment for gravitational force and electrostatic force, drawing examples for each type of force, video on gravitational and frictional force, they will do the simple experiments for the different types of forces learnt(Muscular force, electrostatic force, gravitational force, mechanical force, Magnetic force, Frictional force)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTgMb2HEN1E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZfCbicemqM  

  1. Students sorted pictures into push and pull, online game for push and pull sorting, sort student’s questions into thick(open-ended) and thin(close ended), sorting everyday activities into types of forces involved, with the prompts given to them.
  2. Students understood the related concept of types of energy and sorted it out with pictures in the form of graphic organizer.
  3. Students visited the Birla Science Museum to explore different kinds of forces( real life connections) and also filled in the reflection sheet to wrap up their field trip.

    Upcoming activities/ HW:


  • Inquiry work sent.


  1. Revise LOI-1 for formative assessment-1 on Monday 16-12-19.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 


  1. Students were introduced to the new topic Angles wherein the teacher showed the importance of angles and the consequence if an angles changes in a situation.
  2. Students were able to relate the topic with different examples.
  3. Students were also shown the use of protractors to measure angles.


Upcoming activities/ HW:

  1. Prepare a booklet of different types of angles with example pictures.


Subject: English

Activities done this week:  


  1. 1. Task Card: Students read texts at an appropriate level, independently, confidently and with good understanding and comprehend what they read(OBS-Task cards activity) to strengthen & enhance their linguistic skills and did the follow up activity, according to their levels                                2.   Novel Study-“Charlotte’s Web”: Following the identification of novel title, author and illustrator, they continued with their reading Chapter 1 and identify the theme, setting, characters 
  2. Students made activity books for their novel study on’’ CHARLOTTE WEB”
  3. Students continued with the instructional writing (in integration with the new UOI topic Forces) and practice work given.



  • The teacher read out the book from the library on their new theme(circle time activity).




  • Sight words and topic vocabulary activity(quiz(spell drill) & missing letters activity)as well.   



  1. Students continued their practice with the compound words..

Upcoming activities/ HW:

  1. Practice work for compound words sent.
  2. Learn vocab words sent for activities.
  3. Comprehension sheet sent.
  4. Instructional writing practice work sent.


Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week:  

دو حرفی الفاظ اور ان سے بننے والے جملوں کو لکھنا سکھایا گیا اور پڑھنا سکھایا گیا ۔ “ یوم اردو “ کے لئے نظمیں لکھوائی گئی جو بچہ ایک منٹ میں چار رباعی پڑھے گا اس کی مدد کرنا اور اسے مقابلہ تاک پہنچانا ہے ۔ انشاء اللہ ۱۹ دسمبر کو “ انٹر اسکول مقابلہ “ ہے جس کی تیاری کی جاری ہے۔ سبھی طلباء “ تحریری مقابلہ “ کے لئے کمرہ جماعت میں دس منٹ میں ایک کہانی خوبصورت تحریر سے لکھنے کی کوشش کر رہے ہیں ۔   


Upcoming activities/ HW:   ہر روز کوئی ایک کہانی مختصر سی لکھوائیں تاکہ “ تحریری مقابلہ “دیا گیا صفحہ دیکھ کر خوبصورت لکھ سکیں ۔ گھر پر روزانہ “ نقل “ لکھنے کی مشق کرائیں تاکہ آپ کا مقابلہ میں شرکت کر سکیں ۔

Read a Story from “ storyweaver” https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/93180-muskarao-please 



Activities done this week: 

कक्षा मे  वचन मे पुनर्कथन करवाया गया | लिंग उपविषय से अवगत करवाया गया  |लिंग को स्पष्टीकरण द्वारा समझाया गया | लिंग के भेद समझाया गए  | वार्तालाप द्वारा छात्रों द्वारा पूछा गया |

लिंग उपविषय पुनर्कथन करवाया गया  | लिंग बदलकर छात्रों को लिखना बताया गया  | जैसे १ लड़का _लड़की २ शेरनी _ शेर  

लिंग उपविषय पुनर्कथन करवाया गया  |

 Upcoming activities/ 

दिए गए ग्रहकार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए |




Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week:

Students read and write the gunintapu words and sentences..[తలకట్టు, దీర్ఘం, మరియు గుడి].

Students wrote dictation in Talakkatu padalu.

Upcoming activities/ HW

Complete the work has been given.


Subject: Art :

Activities done this week: 

Upcoming activities/ HW


Subject: ICT

Activities done this week: 

  1. Students learnt to sign up the infographic (creating posters) and started signing up using their email id and password.


Subject: PE: 

Activities done this week:  

  1. Sports day practice (students practicing for march past, and also explained about the rules and regulations for track and field events.


Subject: Library

Activities done this week: 

  1. Readers Theatre students were given the explanation about Readers Theatre also demonstrated Gestures, Facial expression and sound effects and were arranged in groups.