Weekly lesson report (No.):  2                     Date: 17 – 21 June                   Class: 3C                           


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that was explained this week was being inquirers, It was great to see the children being little inquirers and gaining knowledge by showing enthusiasm and keenness to know and learn about the topic Arts by asking questions that were posed to them after watching videos and having discussion in class, some even came up with examples.

Upcoming activities / HW:

It was a great pleasure to watch the students enjoying the activities in class. The  LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that we will be focussing next week is being inquirers as we move ahead with the topic and children become more keen to learn about  ARTS. Please help them in their inquiry work.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

THEME:-   How we express ourselves

TOPIC:-  The Arts

CENTRAL IDEA:-  The Arts provides us the opportunity to reflect on, extend and enjoy creativity.


1.The different forms of Arts – Function

2.How Art is unique and personal – Perspective

3.How communities express themselves using Arts – Connection


Activities done this week: 

This week the students

  • analyzed the theme and identify different ways to express themselves
  • identified the keywords in the CI and infer the meaning of those words.
  • found new vocabulary related to the unit through coming up with a word strategy
  • found out differences in perspective by commenting on a peer’s piece of art.  

Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 

This week the students 

  • remembered numbers and number names
  • recapitulated and write place values
  • understood place value in Indian System
  • inserted comms and identify place values.
  • wrote numerals to number names and vice versa.

Subject: English

Activities done this week:  

This week children

  • reflected on their prior knowledge by answering questions on the task sheet 
  • evaluated their performance through re-checking assessment papers to improve themselves and answer the questions related to comprehension passage
  • defined punctuation with examples in their notebook 
  • used MINTS strategy to punctuate capital letters