Weekly lesson report (No.): 15                 Date: 16 – 20 September                   Class: 3C                           


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week: The learner profile attributes focussed this week were “reflective” as students appeared in assessments and “knowledgeable” as students gained new information about changes occuring in nature due to human interaction and natural disasters.

Upcoming activities / HW: Next week 


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

Theme: Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: The Earth’s physical geography has an impact on human interactions and settlements

Lines of Inquiry: 

  1. Variability of physical features around the world – form 
  2. The relationship between location and settlement- connection   
  3. Impact of human interaction on physical environment – causation

Activities done this week: This week the students 

Sorting Out

  • evaluated themselves on how much they know about the relationship between location and settlement along with map pointing (continents & oceans) in FA2 
  • evaluated themselves on how much they know about the impact of human interaction on the physical environment along with map pointing (five major latitudes) in FA3
  • defined global warming and greenhouse effect (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqxMzKLYrZ4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_sJzVe9P_8

Making Connections

Upcoming activities/ HW: Summative Assessment on Tuesday (24-09-19) task given in diary


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 

  • Students did enough practice of subtraction problems.
  • Students recapitulated data handling and ways to represent data.
  • Students solved tally charts and pictographs problems.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

  • Problems given in notebooks.


Subject: English

Activities done this week:  This week the students


  • revised and recalled their knowledge of modal verbs and practiced spelling of sight words.
  • assessed themselves for modal verbs in given material and evaluate themselves in FA2
  • Came up with adjectives through what’s in a bag activity.
  • analysed and identified the adjectives, compared adjectives in degrees of comparison during “goldilocks and three bears” story read aloud. 

Reading and Writing

Students read different chapters of their novel “Mooli’s adventures” in groups and wrote a summary of their chapter and shared with class through presentation.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Complete the homework given in notebook


Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week: 

طلباء کو اردو زبان کی ” گنتی ” ایک سے ۳۰ تک پڑھایا اور لکھایا گیا اس کے علاوہ انہیں یاد کرایا گیا اکثر طلباء نے کلاس میں ہی یاد کر کے سنایا 

تین حرفی الفاظ کو ادامہ دیا گیا اور حصہ تین بھی پڑھایا گیا جن کو اکثر بچوں نے پورے یقین کے ساتھ پڑھنا سیکھا 


Upcoming activities/ HW: 

گنتی کو یاد کرنا ہے اور اسے بنا دیکھے لکھ کر بتانا ہے اور نمبرات کے نام اردو میں بتانا ہے 



 Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:

कक्षा मे चिड़ियाँ की आँख  कहानी को गया ,उसके उपरांत शब्दों कोअव्यवस्थित रूप से लिखे  गए ,उन शब्दों को स्पष्टीकरण द्वारा वर्णमाला के अनुसार सही क्रम मे समझकर लिखना बताया गया |  |

पुनर्कथन करवाया  गया | कक्षा मे पाठ से सम्बंधितजैसे की महासागर  के नाम पढाए और लिखाए गए  

उपविषय से अवगत करवाया गया  |उसके उपरांत सरल वाक्य किस प्रकार लिखते है ,उनको स्पष्टीकरण  द्वारा समझाया गया | कुछ शब्द सफेद पट्ट पर दिए गए उनके मिलान के द्वारा  वाक्य लेखन करवाया गए |

Upcoming activities/ HW

दिए गए ग्रहकार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए |


Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week: 

Students read and write words with hallulu.[ట నుండి న వరకు].

Students wrote and learn vocabulary words of landforms in telugu.

Assessment has done.

Upcoming activities/ HW

Complete the worksheet has given.

Subject: Music

Activities done this week:   student will learn the next level of singing that is going with different level speed that 6/8 and ¾ ,2/4 

Subject: ICT

Activities done this week: Students learnt to browse images, definition related to Landforms and they copied and pasted  in a powerpoint document.

Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week:students played passing the ball with variations 

Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Word Game alphabets were given to the students they have to select the alphabets and have to make five new words for the chosen alphabet



Passed: Students participated in Literacy week activities 

  • exchanged their story books with their peers
  • handwriting competition
  • Spellathon