Weekly lesson report (No.):7           Date: 22nd-26th July 2019       Class: 3B                         


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week:

                 The learner profile  we learnt this week was INQUIRER and THINKER. Being an Inquirer helps us to indulge deeper into the subject and acquire the necessary skills to conduct inquiry and research. The students put on their thinking caps and brought out the creative side. They were fascinated by the comparison between two different communities as  to how art keeps the cultures alive.


Upcoming activities / HW:

Next week the learner profile will be REFLECTIVE as students will do a reflection of what they have learnt so far. They will reflect on areas they have improved and knowledge gained.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

LOI-2 How communities express themselves.

Activities done this week: 

  • Students this week discussed on dance forms, music, literature e.t.c through pass the ball activity. Teacher questioned the students, followed by students questioning each other to reflect on topics covered. 
  • Students did an assessment reflecting on the knowledge gathered in LOI-2. 
  • Students watched a video on Ajanta Caves and egyptian art.they did an inquiry on what makes Ajanta caves so famous and how egyptian art was preserved till date?






  • Students created a drawing of their choice and exchanged their art piece with their partner. Each student then identified what their friend was trying to convey through their art and how their art was different from that of their friend.


  • Students learnt about Henri Matisse and his style of art. They learnt how he invented different styles of painting and why he was known as the king of colors.




Upcoming activities/ HW:  Students will do an inquiry on art styles of Henry matisse. They will make a Henri Matisse style collage art craft as HW. They will learn about Pablo Picasso and M.F. Hussain. They will further learn how art is unique and personal.


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 

  • Students were introduced to rounding of numbers using various examples.
  • Students rounded numbers to nearest 10’s using poem.
  • Students rounded numbers to nearest 100’s using poem.
  • Students did activity on rounding numbers to the nearest 10’s and 100’s.


Upcoming activities/ HW:

  • H.w worksheet given.
  • Rounding numbers games link : 







Subject: English

Activities done this week:  

Guided reading:

                       Students explored more into their level books and read texts at an appropriate level,independently, confidently and with good understanding. They found out difficult words and its meaning using dictionary.


            Students identified the rules of changing singular to plural by listing down the rules of changing common nouns into plurals in their notebooks.



Reading & Writing: 

            Students  analysed usage  of “is” and “are” for singular and plural nouns respectively .They learned when  and how to use “is” and “are” in a sentence.



Writing and Spelling

               Students evaluated their knowledge through assessment of collective nouns and practiced spellings for spell drill from “Let’s Read”


Upcoming activities/ HW

                                    Students will learn further about the usage of “this” and “these” & “that” and “those”. They will learn on how to use this in sentences. Students will also do a comprehension as HW.



Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week:

  • تمام حروف تہجی کو الف ، واو ، ی اور بڑی ے کے ساتھ لکھنا اور پڑھنا سکھایا گیا ۔ سبھی بچوں نے بورڈ سے نقل کیا ۔ 
  • رنگوں کے نام لکھنا اور پڑھنا سکھایا گیا ۔ اور ورک شیٹ پر موجود الفاظ کی مشق کرنے کو کہا گیا جو آنے والے ہفتہ میں بطور املا لکھا جائے گا ۔ 
  • تین حرف کو ملاکر الفاظ کیسے بنتے ہیں ” رنگین سلیٹ ” کے ذریعہ سکھایا گیا ۔ بچوں نے اپنی کاپی میں موجود کہانی سے تین حرفی الفاظ بتائے ۔ 


Upcoming activities/ HW: 

  •         تمام حروف تہجی جو الف ، واو ، ی اور ے کے ساتھ لکھے گئے ان کی بلند خوانی کریں اور انہیں بنا دیکھے لکھنے کی مشق کریں 
  • رنگوں کا نام لکھنا سیکھ کر آئیں تاکہ ” املا ” آسانی سے لکھ سکیں ۔  

Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:Activities done this week:

वर्णों के जोड़ द्वारा शब्द निर्माण करवाया गया |

वर्णों के जोड़ द्वारा वाचन करवाया गया |

अव्यवस्थितशब्दों को व्यवस्थित करवाया गया | 


दिए गए ग्रहकार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए |


Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week: 

Students wrote the achulu with words అ నుండి ఓ వరకు.

Student watched the story in Telugu and illustrated the characters of the story.


Students wrote the letters and played online games Telugu. 



Upcoming activities/ HW

Complete the work given in the notebook.

Refer the link given below




Subject: Art     For Art: Students done all the elements of Art.

For Craft: Students made the monster and paste in their book.


Subject: ICTStudents learnt to insert slides ,change font size,color style and change design in powerpoint 2013 and created a presentation on arts.


Upcoming activities/ HW: 


Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week:Basic warm up, dynamic stretching.fun activity.

Upcoming activities/ HW


Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Events:– PICTURE COMPREHENSION Students saw the picture and wrote about the picture’s setting then they describe the picture and wrote the conclusion to develop their vocabulary, reading and thinking skills

Notice:  Circular of school website sent.

Diary:-  Dear Parents,  Please check and sign the child’s diary on the daily basis to keep yourself updated about your child’s work.