Weekly lesson report (No.): 9       Date: 5th Aug-9th Aug                       Class: 3 A                            


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week

 This week students displayed learner profile qualities of “Reflective” and “courageous”. They did a reflection of arts about what they have learnt and understood till now. They reflected their understanding of the unit and were courageous to present their final presentation for the unit in their choice of arts as summative assessment. 

Upcoming activities / HW:

The  LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that we will be focusing next week is being “Inquirers” as we move ahead by introducing the topic Land forms and settlements. The students will do break up of central idea and start with the first LOI – Variability of physical geography around the world


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

THEME:-   How we express ourselves

TOPIC:-  The Arts

CENTRAL IDEA:-  The Arts provides us the opportunity to reflect on, extend and enjoy creativity.


1.The different forms of Arts – Function

2.How communities express themselves using Arts – Connection

3.How Art is unique and personal – Perspective


Activities done this week: 

  • Students created mind maps with given keywords relating to famous artists (Picasso, Matisse, M.F Hussain) thus reflecting on the knowledge gathered in LOI-3
  • Students recalled all the activities done during the unit and identified the most enjoyable and the most difficult part of the unit on the reflection sheet
  • Students presented their creativity through their choice of art in summative assessment and conveyed a strong message through their choice of art form
  • Students synthesized new unit “Land forms and Settlements” and  took down Theme, Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry and concepts in their notebooks
  • Students learnt about the different forms of storytelling through Guest Lecture. They listened to short stories through different techniques e.g puppet show, music etc during guest lectures and try out few techniques in groups


Upcoming activities/ HW:

                         Draw the solar system and mark your planet. Next week students will do break up of central idea and learn about variability of earth’s physical geography around the world. 

Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 


  • Students understood the concept of carry using base 10 blocks.
  • Students solved problems of addition with carry.
  • Students learned easy tricks of Math by doubling  a number, making 10 etc.
  • Students enhanced their thinking ability by solving mental math questions.


Upcoming activities/ HW:

  •  Addition worksheet given.

Subject: English

Activities done this week:  

Guided Reading:

Students  read stories for their appropriate levels,independently/ through teacher’s assistance, with good understanding. They found out meanings and sorted common nouns and proper nouns and wrote in their guided reading notebook.



  • Students interpreted action words(VERBS) through dumbcharade activity.
  • Students watched a video,discussed what they have seen, come to the topic(action words).




  • Students  defined verbs through application of knowledge by giving examples. 


Upcoming activities/ HW


  • Students will write 10 spell drill words according to their grouped levels. They will read the words and write it down using different colors. 


  • Students will do a comprehension passage and write a journal entry “ My Festival celebration”.

Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week: 

  • دو حرفی اور تین حرفی الفاظ کی تقریری صلاحیت کو پیدا کرنا  
  • کہانی “رنگوں کی دنیا” پڑھایا اور اس میں سے تین حرفی ، دو حرفی الفاظ تلاش کیا گیا ۔ 
  • نظم ” ہوا چلی ” پڑھایا اور لکھایا گیا جس طالب علم نے سب سے پہلے اور خوبصورت لکھا وہ عبد السمیع ہیں 


Upcoming activities/ HW: 

  •        بچوں کو دو حرفی اور تین حرفی الفاظ کی مزق کرنے کو کہا گیا انشاء اللہ آئندہ ہفتہ ان دونوں سبق کا امتحان ہوگا ۔ 
  •       جو نظم پڑھائی گئی اس کو دیکھ کر پڑھیں اور الفاظ کو پہچانیں ۔ ان میں سے تین حرفی الفاظ کی شناخت کریں 


Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week: 

पुनर्कथन करवाकर संख्या से अवगत करवाया गया ,उसके उपरांत संख्या को पढ़ाया और लिखाया गया |

तीन अक्षर वाले शब्द से अवगत कराया गया ,फ्लैश कार्ड्स  के द्वारा छात्रों ने स्वयं चयन करकर पढ़ा और लिखा |

पुनर्कथन करवाकर ,वर्ण के जोड़ के द्वारा वाचन और लेखन करवाया  गया |


Upcoming activities/ HW


दिए गए ग्रहकार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए |




Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week: 

Students wrote the achulu with words అ నుండి అః వరకు.

Students watched the rhymes in Telugu.

Students completed the Achulu practiced worksheet given.

Upcoming activities/ HW

Complete the work given in the notebook.

Refer the link given below




Subject: Art

Activities done this week: 

For Art:  Students did cubism art in their drawing books.

For Craft:  Students mad the friendship bands for their friends for friendship day

Subject: ICT

Activities done this week: Students learnt to insert smart art in power point presentation and created a smart art hierarchy of their family. 

Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week:

Students did warm up followed by running activity in teams to develop hand coordination, and ball catching practice in pairs to develop eye coordination.

Subject: Library

Activities done this week:

 Students read the story book and completed the worksheet of How to give the Book Talk followed by book talk presentation


15th August Independence day celebrations

 Notice:  School will remain closed on Mon 12th and Tue 13th August 2019 on account of EidulAdha.

               Independence day celebrations on Thu, 15th August  from 8.25 – 11.00 am. Students should come to school in traditional Indian dress with minimum accessories.