Weekly lesson report (No): 24     Date: 16th – 20th Dec 2019            Class: 1B  


Subject: Learner Profile            

Activities done this week: The learner profile which is focussed this week is inquirer and knowledgeable as the students learn the importance of transport in our daily life.

Upcoming activities / HW: The learner profile which will be focused next week is inquirer, As a parent you can help your child to inquire about the latest means of transport all over the world.


Subject: Unit Of Inquiry


Theme: How we organize ourselves

Topic: Transportation

Central Idea: Development of means of transport changed the ability of 

                            humans to move about

 Lines of Inquiry: Means of transportation( on land, in the air, in water)

                                     Importance of transportation in our life

                                     Development of the forms of transportation means through time.


Activities done this week:  

Finding out: 

  • Students watched the video on traffic rules and road safety and shared their views about it through drawing.  
  • Students brainstorm on the LOI 2 to do an assessment to show the importance of transportation in our life. 

Tuning in:

  • Students infer the development of means of transport through time by watching videos.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Inquire about the latest  mode of transport all over the world in their notebook. Learn unit vocabulary for dictation on Tuesday (24/12/19) refer notebook. 


Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 

  • Students practiced subtraction word problems in their notebook.
  • Students solved 2-digit subtraction in their notebook.
  • Students strengthen the concept of subtraction through different strategies.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Complete the h.w given in notebook. 


Subject: English

Activities done this week:  

Reading and writing

  • Wrote sentences using sight words in their notebook
  • Students read and comprehend the given passage
  • Students strengthen their vocabulary by describing aeroplane in their notebook.

Listening and speaking 

Students listened to the story in the read-aloud and answered the questions


Identified the pronoun and rewrite the sentences in the notebook.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Complete the h.w given in notebook.


 Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week: छात्रों ने तीन अक्षर के शब्द लिखे और तीन अक्षर के शब्दों को गतिविधि के द्वारा भी लिखा 


Upcoming activities/ HW:    दिए गए गृह कार्यो को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए


 Subject: Art

Activities done this week: 

Craft: Students learned how to draw shapes in drawing books.


Subject: Music   

Activities done this week: Students practice the jingle bell song for Christmas day.

Upcoming activities/ HW: 


Subject: ICT

Activities done this week: Students learned to draw different means of transport (car, bicycle, bus) by exploring paint tools.

Upcoming activities/ HW: 


Subject: P.E-

Activities done this week: Sports day drill practice

Upcoming activities/ HW:


Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Students watch the video on moral values followed by discussion.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axitOq-rtwA&t=1102s