Weekly lesson report (No.): 29                                             Date:20th-24th Jan

  Subject: Learner Profile            

   Activities done this week:

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that was explained for their  topic FORCES was beingTHINKER and INQUIRER.  As we concluded the topic, it was great to see the children Thinking and reflecting on the different types of forces and how forces help us to solve the problems in our daily life..

Upcoming activities / HW

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that we will emphasize next week for their new topic EXPLORATION will be THINKER & KNOWLEDGEABLE .   The activities that you can do for the Learner Profiles mentioned above are as follows, You can make a visit to a library to borrow books that are about their interests and hobbies, You can make research on the net about a subject that you decide on to develop your chıld’s interest. You can encourage your child to think about the different solutions to any problems.Dear Parents,please help them in their work,if you find your child following any of the learner profile click a picture or record a video and share it with us through diary, mail or Bloomz. Thank you! 

      Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

      THEME:–   Where we are in place and time

       UNIT: Exploration

       CENTRAL IDEA:- Explorations leads to discoveries, opportunities and develop new understanding. 


1.Reasons for Exploration.

2.How Exploration has taken place over time.

3.The consequence of Exploration.


Finding out

  1. Students were introduced to LOI=1 and wrote the 7 reasons for exploration.
  2. Students did the inquiry on different explorer and did the group activity in class.
  3. Students sorted out the information about the explorer and did the sorting activity.
  4. Students wrote the summative assessment for the previous unit Forces.


 Upcoming activities/ HW:  

  1. Find the meanings of the given words: 1. Invention,Voyage, Impact, expedition,discovery colonialism, power { write in UOI notebook}

     Subject: Math

     Activities done this week


  • Students defined prime and composite numbers, factors and multiples also.
  • Students were able to identify prime and composite numbers. 
  • Students found factors multiples of a given number.
  • Students also found the prime factorisation by factor tree method.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

Homework given in class work.

      Subject: English

    Activities done this week:  


      1.Students read the Charlotte Web Chapter 9 and found the meanings of given words. 

      2.Students made a small booklet on the reasons for exploration and also frame sentences using

 those words.

  1. Students read the comprehension  on christopher coloumbus and answered the questions .

Listening and SPEAKING:

    1.Students read their level storybook in the guided reading period .


  1. Students were introduced to Conjunction  and practice in the class..

      Upcoming activities/ HW:

  1. Make a story of your own using 7 reasons for exploration

Subject: Urdu

Activities done this week:

” بولو” اپلیکیشن سے واقف کروانا اور اس سے کہانیاں پڑھنے کی ” جستجو” پیدا کرنا ۔ “BOLO” ایک ایسی اپلیکیشن ہے جس سے بچوں میں تقریری صلاحیت پیدا ہوگی ۔ جس قدر طلباء اس کا استعمال کریں گے اس قدر ان کی تقریری صلاحیت میں اضافہ ہوگا۔ ان میں سے ” فعل ” کی تلاش کریں اور ایکشن کر کے طلباء بتائیں گے ۔ 

فعل کی تعریف اور اس کی قسمیں پڑھانا اور سمجھانا تاکہ جملوں میں آنے والے افعال کی پہچان کر سکیں 


” بولو” اپلیکیشن سے کہانیاں پڑھوانا اور چیک کرنا کہ کس بچے میں تقریری صلاحیت کا اضافہ ہو رہا ہے 

Upcoming activities/ HW

افعال کو جملعں میں استعمال کرنا سکھایا گیا تاکہ بچوں میں لفظوں کے بدلنے کی کیفیت کی پہچان ہو 

Subject: Hindi

Activities done this week:

कक्षा मे पुनर्कथन करवाया गया | उसके पश्चात सामूहिक गतविधि द्वारा छात्रों मे दूध नामक उपविषय पर वार्तालाप करवाया गया  |वार्तालाप के उपरांत छात्रों को उस उपविषय पर वाक्य लेखन करवाया गया |

छात्रों को पुस्तके दी गई  | कहानी को पढ़कर उसको अपने अनुसार लिखा गया 

विशेषण मे पुनर्कथन करवाया गया  | उसके उपरांत गतिविधि द्वारा विशेषण को पढ़ाया और लिखाया गया |

Upcoming activities/ HW


Subject: Telugu

Activities done this week:

1.Students read and wrote the birds and animals names in Telugu.

2.Students wrote names of the months and దిక్కులు [directions] in Telugu.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

1.Complete the work has given.

Subject: Art :

Activities done this week: Students completed the drawing for painting in the books.

Upcoming activities/ HW


 Activities done this week:

Subject: ICT

Activities done this week:  Student learnt to sign up to infographic and they had started making posters related to there topic.

Upcoming activities/ HW:

Subject: PE: 

Upcoming activities/ HW: 

Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Students done the practice for Readers theatre presentation

Upcoming activities/Notice: