Weekly lesson report (No): 35      Date: 11th March-13th March 2020       Class: 1C                      

Subject: Learner Profile:     

Activities done this week:  The learner profile attributes focussed upon this week were inquire and knowledgeable

Upcoming activities / HW: The learner profile attribute which will be  focussed

next week  is caring

Subject: Unit Of Inquiry

Theme: How the world works.

Topic: Life Cycle

Central Idea: All living things go through a process of change.

 Lines of Inquiry: 

1)Characteristics of living things 

2) How living things change over their lifetime

3) Factors that influence the life cycle.

Activities done this week: 

  • Students tuned in into the new theme ‘How the world works’ through nature’s walk and drew the things which are observed.
  • Students identified  the concept of changes through posters and find out the things which change naturally and things which are change by the man
  • Students unfold the central idea with the help of their teacher in the notebook.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Send some pictures of living and non-living and send some moist soil in disposal glass with some methi or coriander seeds.

Subject: Math

Activities done this week: 

  • Students understand the concept of rounding numbers nearest to 10’s through quicker activity. 
  • Students  wrote rules for rounding numbers  nearest to 10’s in the notebook 
  • Students round each number nearest to 10’s in their notebooks.

Upcoming activities/ HW: Help your child to complete the H.w given in the notebook.


Subject: English

Activities done this week:

  • Students infer the rules of sequence writing.
  • Arranged an event or routine in a proper sequence.
  • Note down the rules of sequence  writing in their notebook and rearranged the  rhyme in proper sequence 

Upcoming activities/ HW: Complete the h.w given in notebook.


Subject: Music

Activities done this week: students  learn and practice a new song

Upcoming activities/ HW

Subject: ICT

 Upcoming activities/ HW: Students learned to create a word cloud using abcya.com by related there topic water.

Subject: Library

Activities done this week: Watched the video and share the story